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Looking for legal assistance for defamation issues? Rajendra Criminal Law Firm provides experienced advocates to help you. With a deep understanding of Indian defamation laws and procedures, our lawyers can assist you in both criminal and civil defamation cases. Our firm is committed to providing effective and efficient legal solutions to protect your reputation and rights. Read on to learn more about how our lawyers can help you with defamation issues.


Freedom of speech is every Indian Citizen’s fundamental right. No doubt about it! But sometimes this freedom may cause damage to others. Our Attorneys in Chennai have perfect solution for defame. In fact, everyone know defamation affects a person’s both professional and personal life. This is a team of Criminal Lawyers have great dedication to help the victims of defaming and people accused of it too. Most of all, Defamation Advocates help you in achieving appropriate solutions.

What is defamation?

Damage to a person’s or organization’s reputation is defamation. Defaming can be slander or libel. Verbal comments & accusations affecting a person’s or organization’s reputation are slanders. Written & published accusations damaging a person’s or organization’s reputation are libel. Find the best Criminal advocates in Chennai High Court.

For example – Accusations that you are a criminal, you have the disease are examples of slander. While Facebook comments saying you are a fraud/. accusation in print media like newspapers that you are unstable is libel.


Of course, you can claim damages for your spoiled reputation.

What are the proofs required to make a defamation claim?

To make a defamation claim, the action-verbal or written must prove the following:


There should be the communication of information to others. It can be verbal, written, gestures, or pictures.


The information so communicated should identify you. Your name may not appear, but it can refer to you.

Defamation content: –

the information published should contain the defamation content. It can be intentional or otherwise.

This law firm’s Criminal attorneys can help you with a briefing about the claim requirements. Senior Defamation lawyers can assist you in finding out whether you have a case and how to proceed further. If you believe you are subject to defamation, then get in touch with a good Criminal and fix up an appointment. Leading Criminal advocates can solve defame litigation.

Here defamation lawyers offer practical legal advice corresponding to your particular issue. File Defamation cases within one year from the date of the act or publication. Time is the essence. You need to act fast to prevent any further damage to your reputation. There is a lot of grey area where your claim may get rejected without proper legal guidance. Engaging an experienced Criminal lawyer or any high court attorney on your side is the right way of handling defamation lawsuits. Rajendra Criminal law firm offers the best Legal solution by the their Team of Defamation advocates in Chennai.

Remedial Outcomes of Defamation

Defamation is punishable U/S. 400 & 500 of IPC. Criminal defamation is punishable with simple imprisonment for up to 2 years or a fine or both. Civil defamation is punishable with damages. The damages can be in the form of monetary compensation. Apart from compensation the defamed victim can demand a written apology. / defame content withdrawal./ a letter stating each allegation is untrue. / Publication of correction. / promise to refrain defame in future

Contact the best defamation Advocates in Chennai
Process of filing a defamation lawsuit

Defamation can cause great harm to an individual or an organization. If you want to seek justice for filing a lawsuit approach your lawyer. They Must be defamation advocates in High Court.

First Meeting

Be ready with your questions when you first meet with your legal consultant or a lawyer. Bring a statement copy or printout for the discussion. Give your lawyer the list of people who may become potential witnesses to the case. Provide their contact details too.

Bring documents like bank statements showing your expenses or losses for monetary claims. In case of a job, termination brings your termination letter. Bring along any other documentary proof that you feel important to the case. Better be over-prepared than under-prepared for the legal battle.

Always be honest with your lawyers and doctors. Mutual trust goes a long way in any relationship. Provide relevant facts. Even discuss harmful facts with your lawyer. Your lawyer can prepare to defend you in advance than getting caught off guard later.

File Your Complaint

After your first meeting with your attorney, you need to file a complaint. Your attorney does a basic investigation of your case and helps you to file a complaint. The complaint is an important document that initiates a lawsuit. As you know a lawsuit is costly and takes a long time to settle a dispute. Settlement negotiations are an alternate way of resolving disputes. Your lawyer will help you file a lawsuit

Notice and Investigation

The accused gets notice of defamation from the victim’s lawyer. The accused has to respond in writing within the time limit. If the response is not satisfactory, the court directs for investigation.

The investigation is a process where lawyers of both sides exchange written questions. They want to ask the other party their queries. The answers are under oath. This process helps the lawyer know about the rival’s witnesses and facts. You need to produce documents and facts supporting your claims through your defamation lawyer.


Under this process, the opposing attorney may question facts and documents given during an investigation. It is under oath during trial. Your advocate will help you prepare for such cross-examination. The Opposing lawyer may want to question your witnesses too. Your lawyer will handle and guide your witnesses too for the cross-examination.


After cross-examination, settlement negotiations begin. The main reason for the trial is a settlement. Your Criminal lawyers in Chennai are the best negotiators. By this time they know the strength and weaknesses of your case. Firstly, Lawyers advise clients about the settlement. He may suggest you settle your case outside of the court or go ahead with the trial. Though your case is strong to go to trial, there may be some reason you may want to settle outside of court. The trial does not guarantee compensation. Many people do not take the risk of losing the case. Hence may agree to meagre settlements. It is your decision to go for a settlement or continue with the trial.

The downside of defamation Litigation

No doubt! A lawsuit is the best option to redress a wrong. In defame litigation, the side effects are more. There may be media coverage giving wide publication than before. This may further compound the harm. Even after defamation cases settle, it may leave the wrong public impression. All Lawsuits of defaming are not costly. Gathering facts and finding specialists are expensive too.

Meeting and consulting a defamation Advocate in Chennai

Contact the best defamation Advocates in Chennai

Meeting and consulting a defamation Advocate in Chennai will get you a proper route for a solution or legal remedy. Contact the best Criminal Advocates for defame issues today.

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