POCSO: 3 men arrested for kidnapping, sexual violence against a little girl in Chennai

Chennai: Shockingly, Three men arrested under POCSO for kidnapping, sexual violence against a little girl

Three men were arrested from Poonamallee on Monday for kidnapping a little girl and abused her sexually after locking her in a hotel room.

A 15-year-old girl was abandoned by her parents five years ago

Firstly, The accused are mani, 26, Poonamallee, Karthik, 23, of Kunrathur, and Selvaraj, 23, from the same area.

The police say that the 15-year-old girl left her parents five years ago. She grew up at a relative home and studied at a government school. On Thursday, the girl went to the nearest shop to do buy but failed to return home due to Kidnapping.

Foster parents filed a complaint with the Poonamallee police for Kidnapping

After looking for a girl at her friend’s house, her foster parents filed a complaint with the Poonamallee police. Because the girl did not have a cellphone, the police found it difficult to track it. Finally, They enquired with her friends.

POCSO: 3 Men Arrested For Kidnapping, Sexual Violence Against A Little Girl In Chennai

On Sunday, the girl returned home and revealed this problem to her parents. According to the police, Mani, who knew the girl for almost six months, offered to drop her with his bicycle. By all means, He took her to a hotel room in the area and called two of his friends. Moreover, The three men after Kidnapping sexually abused her for two days, police said.

Police arrested the three men and filed them under the POCSO act.

Based on the information provided by the girl, the police arrested the three men on Monday and filed them under the POCSO act. In fact, They are in judicial detention.

In Chennai, hundreds were under custody in cases of POCSO by different courts, especially due to procedural irregularities, experts dealing with Kidnapping, and children’s sexual abuse. They complain that even elopement cases which include in POCSO’s actions because of which genuine cases took longer to get resolution.

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