Women try to self-immolate in the Police commissioner Office

Women Try To Self-Immolate In The Police Commissioner Office

Gurugram 10 Oct 2020: A 28-year woman suspected of trying to Self-Immolate herself at the police commissioner’s office on Thursday afternoon, after stating that the police did not arrest her partner against whom he had filed a complaint of rape earlier this week.

Police said the woman managed to escape from Self-Immolate and did not suffer any injuries. He was under custody under section 309 (suicide attempt) and 190 (threat of injury to encourage people to refrain from applying for protection to civil servants) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in the Civil Lines police station.

Self immolate incident

According to police, the Self-Immolate incident occurred around 2:00 pm when the woman, who worked inpatient care, have gone to the police commissioner’s office to discuss his concerns. Police said he was sitting in the waiting room on the second floor, where the police commissioner’s office is located, before suddenly rushing toward the gate of the entrance/exit.

pouring gasoline on himself

SHe was carrying gasoline in soft-drink bottles, wrapped around the paper. He took and after pouring gasoline on himself to Self-Immolate, She ran to the ground floor, police said

Subhash Boken, a spokesman, the city police, said, “the police officer Some women saw the commotion and ran after him. He was rescued before he could take a matchstick from a package and take him into custody. “

Police did not conduct a fair investigation into the case

A witness, who was standing near the woman a few seconds before the incident, told the media, “He entered the gate on the second floor and wail. He said police did not conduct a fair investigation into the case and that the SHO concerned had been telling him. She complained she was running from one police station to another. A female police officer asked him to sit down but he refused and suddenly ran towards the gate. She took the bottle and poured gasoline on herself to Self-Immolate. I tried to chase him but could not because I am old. “

Witnesses said police officers brought her to the bathroom and got his change. After more than 20 minutes, he was taken away from that place.

Police say they have done a fair investigation

Police say they have done a fair investigation. Usha Kundu, assistant commissioner of police (ACP), a crime against women, said, “He has filed a divorce case against her husband in 2017, which is sub-judice. This is the third suicide (Self-Immolate) try this year. In February, a man was arrested for allegedly raping her in the DLF Phase-3 region and a case that also sub-judice.

Reached a compromise with mutual understanding in all cases and refused further investigation

A few months later, he moved with a man in Sector 7 after they married in a temple in September. Since then, she and her partner have filed four complaints against each other in several police stations in the city and one complaint in Delhi. But they have reached a compromise with mutual understanding in all cases and refused further investigation. “

Police said earlier this week, his partner filed an FIR against him, alleging he had extorted money from him and harassed him with married without divorce.

FIR under Section 376 (rape) of the IPC at the women’s police stations

“He later filed a complaint, alleging he had raped her. In his complaint, we registered an FIR under Section 376 (rape) of the IPC at the women’s police stations, Sector 51, on October 3. In the second FIR, the investigation is active. She had booked on the 309 and 190 IPC today and in those Self-Immolate cases, we take the help of an Advocate. That process and further investigation have begun, “said ACP Kundu.

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